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News and current information about Fishcon


Huchen with 87 cm uses the Fishcon lock

Detecting the size-determining fish species with appropriate length is difficult because large fish are often not found in our rivers. We are therefore all the more pleased that the ascent of a huchen measuring 87 cm in length was recently detected at the Fishcon lock at the river Mattig!

Furthermore, on the first days of functional monitoring in Germany, over 100 fish migrated with help of the Fishcon lock!

A few more new fish species used also the Fishcon lock for the first time. We are excited to see which fish will use the Fishcon lock for fish ascent and descent in the next weeks as well!


Fishcon lock Schwarzmühl weir is fully functional

The monitoring of the Fishcon lock Schwarzmühl weir on the Alm in Upper Austria was successfully completed. The space-saving fish pass was given the best rating.

In autumn 2023, the ascents of 345 fish from five different species (brown trout, rainbow trout, bullhead, grayling and lake trout) were detected on around 50 study days despite the very poor fish population in this river. This means that all species in all sizes that were found during fishing used the Fishcon lock for their ascents. The largest fish was a brown trout measuring 46.5 cm. We are particularly pleased that the migration of 19 bullheads could be verified and that, in addition to fish ascending, fish descending could also be observed.


A good start in the new year for many bullheads and Fishcon itself

2023 was an exciting year for Fishcon – more Fishcon locks were built, new collaborations were entered into and many fish were able to migrate with the Fishcon lock.

We are particularly pleased that at the end of the year we entered into a new cooperation with Whooshh Innovations from Seattle USA in order to distribute the Fishcon lock also in Canada and Sweden. We look forward to a great collaboration and many satisfied customers!

Another highlight was being able to observe a large number of bullheads (Cottus gobio) at the Fishcon lock Schwarzmühlwehr on the river Alm as they migrated upstream. The monitoring report will be ready in the next few weeks and can then be requested from Fishcon!


First fish migrations at the new Fishcon locks can be observed

In autumn, further monitoring studies will be started on the newly built Fishcon locks in order to demonstrate the functionality of these installations as well. Underwater video footage that was taken in advance shows the first fish migrating.

A variety of species can be observed with different age stages. In addition to the numerous fish, a beaver and a crawfish also passed through the video monitoring system. At the new Fishcon lock at the Schwarzmühlweir on the river Alm, the first brown trout migrated upstream just a few minutes after it was put into operation, which makes us particularly proud!


FISHCON installs four more Fishcon locks

In the last few months, FISHCON has implemented four further projects with Fishcon locks; two systems being installed in Austria and one each in Switzerland and Germany.

We are happy that fish can migrate again at these places and expect that some new fish species will also use the Fishcon lock. In total, more than 30 species of fish have already been able to use the innovative fish pass for their migration, including schooling fish, sole migrants and weak-swimming fish species!

Some other projects are currently being planned and we are optimistic that we will be able to put more systems into operation for the autumn migration!


The new IPE-design of the Fishcon lock is convincing costumers

As space is very limited at many weirs, Fishcon has developed a new version of the Fishcon lock. This new constructive IPE-design works according to the same functional principle as the Fishcon lock in the conventional design with two parallel pipes (DN-design), but is significantly narrower and even cheaper.

The new type of construction is particularly suitable for small heights and is offered again in four sizes for fish with lengths up to approximately 100 cm or 3.3 feet. In turn, adjustments can be made to meet the individual requirements of the location. Fishcon will be happy to advise you on choosing the right Fishcon lock for your application.


Fishcon wins strong partners for USA, Japan and Finland

We are very pleased that two strong companies are supporting Fishcon in international sales and distribution!!!

The family-run company WWS Wasserkraft GmbH enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide due to its high quality and innovative products. As one of the leading suppliers in the field of hydropower, the company will be selling the innovative Fishcon lock in USA and Japan in the future.

For Finland, we were able to win the experienced company Fishheart Ltd. (Kalasydan Oy) as a partner. Fishheart itself has successfully developed several innovative solutions for fish migration as well as fish protection and offers with the “Hydraulic Fishway” a sensible technology for restoring fish continuity at very big height differences.


First trade fair after a long break and further Fishcon-locks in planning

After a long break due to corona, we are happy to be able to talk directly to interested parties again at trade fairs and conferences. It started with the Renexpo-Interhydro in Salzburg and continues with the HYDRO 2022 in Strasbourg, where we will be represented in April. Further participations in trade fairs and conferences are planned for summer and autumn. In the meantime, we are also happy to be personally available to you at any time!

A lot is also going on with the projects and we are happy about a large number of inquiries! At the beginning of the year, further Fishcon-locks were approved and we are looking forward to implement some of the exciting projects as early as 2022!


Fishcon starts the new year with great enthusiasm

Despite Corona, 2021 was a positive year for Fishcon. The Fishcon lock was optimized in order to restore the water continuum even easier and more cost efficient. Projects in Austria, Germany and Switzerland were also submitted. We are ready to set up several Fishcon locks in 2022!

The team of Fishcon also used the time to develop innovations in the field of fish protection and hydropower, which are to be practically examined at a pilot plant in 2022!

We start the new year with great enthusiasm and are looking forward to successfully implement new projects!


“Austrian guideline for constructioning of fish passes” with Fishcon lock

Recently the new Austrian guideline for constructioning of fish passes (Leitfaden zum Bau von Fischaufstiegshilfen 2021) was published by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Regions and Tourisms. Due to the meaningful examinations results from our two pilot plants, our innovative fish lock is considered as a new type of fish pass under the designation “Zwei-Kammern-Fischwanderhilfe”.

Furthermore, a variable attractive flow rate is allowed under defined situations. This variable attractive flow rate can be easily realised with our Fishcon lock.


Report confirms functionality according to German standards

A new commissioned report confirms our both pilot plants a “good functionality”, which is the best grade for fish ladders in Germany. For the evaluation the leaflet “Merkblatt DWA M 509“ and the guideline “Methodenstandards BWK (2006)” were used. The evaluation was performed from an independent office.
If you have any question to the evaluation or you are interested in the report, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Online lecture about the Fishcon´s fish pass

Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, some of Fishcon’s conference appearances were canceled this year. Nevertheless, we were able to present our Fishcon´s fish pass to several interested parties at online seminars and other live events. A lecture by the managing director Bernhard Mayrhofer, which was held for the Swiss organization “Water Agenda 21”, is thankfully available for listening to on Youtube: >> to the digital lecuture <<
Have fun watching! If you have any questions, you can always contact the Fishcon team!

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The second pilot plant works

At the fish pass Aschacharm, we were able to prove a total of more than 5,000 fish passages of 27 native species. Including the passages of schools of fish (noses, arbors …) and weak-swimming fish species. The largest fish was an eel about 70 cm. The passages of a pike with a length of approx. 60 cm and a pikeperch with a length of 61 cm could also be documented, although the system was only designed for a fish with a length of 60 cm.

Due to the very positive results, Fishcon´s fish pass could be assessed as functional according to the new Austrian guideline for the functional control of fish migration aids.


Great opportunity for public clients

A few months ago the Fishcon´s fish pass was issued the IÖB-compatible seal, which fortunately means that Fishcon appears on the IÖB innovation platform with the innovative fish migration aid ->

As a result, Fishcon not only generates better visibility with public clients, but also public clients and sector clients from Austria have the opportunity to have the Fishcon sluice funded by the aws IÖB toolbox with up to 100% ->

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fishcon team!


Monitoring of the Alm pilot plant has been completed – grade 1.0

The video monitoring at the Alm pilot plant was completed in autumn and evaluated in the end of the year. Despite poor fish stocks on site, a total of 683 fish passes and 305 fish passes were documented via the Fishcon lock during the study period of 104 days. The migration of all fish species occurring in the water (brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, grayling, brook trout, poppy) could be proven.

Due to the extremely positive result, the Alm pilot plant was rated as fully functional with grade 1 according to the current Austrian guidelines (Woschitz et al. 2003) by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna!


Second Fishcon pass in operation!

In July, the construction of the second pilot plant on the Aschacharm was completed. The system has now been running trouble-free for a few weeks! We look forward to the autumn monitoring!


Very positive results after first monitoring

The first results of the monitoring carried out in spring at the Alm fish pass are very promising. It has been possible to detect fish migrations of all existing fish species and the number of passages is also very good! After the main hike in autumn there are final results. In the next few days, the construction of the second pilot plant will also start in order to be able to prove the function in the barbel region!


Lippenannerlwehr gets Fishcon´s fish lock

Good news from the Lippenannerlwehr at the Alm in Upper Austria. The permit has been granted, the conversion of the weir has started and our fish lock will soon be installed!

Many thanks to the operator KPL for the excellent support and cooperation!


Fishcon GmbH was founded

The two founders Alkisti Stergiopoulou and Bernhard Mayrhofer signed the articles of association of Fishcon GmbH today.

KFD as a strong partner

The K.u.F. Drack GmbH & Co KG has participated in Fishcon. The company from the beautiful Almtal with over 100 years of company history can support Fishcon intensively in the development of the fish pass through many years of experience in the fields of energy, electrical engineering, metal and wood.


Fishes passes

The first scientific investigations of the research project funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and carried out by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna have been completed.

The function could be demonstrated on the test fish lock. Under all test conditions (throttle 50 l / s, throttle 80 l / s and turbine 120 l / s) fish ascent and descent could be observed and documented. Theoretical and further practical investigations that have already been carried out indicate a very promising potential and show a multitude of advantages of the new innovative technology. The project will be completed at the end of December and a final report will be published afterwards.

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