The Fishcon lock was installed in the course of the revitalisation of the Lippenannerl diversion power plant parallel next to the newly built residual water screw turbine and overcomes a height difference of approx.


In spring and autumn 2019, video monitoring was carried out by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna to check the fish-ecological function at the site. The Fishcon lock was rated as fully functional with a rating of 1 according to Austrian guidelines.
In addition to the total of 683 fish ascents, 305 fish descents were also documented in the study period of 104 days, despite a poor fish population of around 10 kg/ha in downstream water. The largest migrated fish was a brown trout, 420 mm long. The largest fish when fishing was 370 mm in length. The migration of all fish species identified during fishing and monitoring could be verified.

Numbers & Facts

Fish region: Metarhithral
Lead fish: Brown trout 50 cm height
Height difference: about 2 m
Attraction flow rate: 100 l/s
Water saving: 140 l/s compared to slot pass
Assessment: fully functional according to Austrian regulations and German standards
Implementation: end of 2018 / beginning of 2019

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