The Fishcon lock was built at the site after an unused ballast lock, overcomes a height difference of approx. 1.5 m and is operated with an attraction flow rate of 125 l/s.


The connection to the water is via a bypass channel, which was already there, but is not optimally designed. The weir monitoring at the site was started in autumn 2019 and completed at the end of June 2020. The migration of a total of over 5,300 fish from 27 native fish species has been verified. Including the migration of schools of fish (noses, bleaks …), sole hikers (stone loach) and weak-swimming fish species (bitterling, rudd).
The largest fish was a 700 mm eel. The migration of a pike measuring 601 mm and a pikeperch measuring 610 mm could also be documented. Due to the very positive results, the Fishcon lock was rated as functional “Grade 2” according to the new and old Austrian guidelines by the company Blattfisch.

Numbers & Facts

Fish region: Epipotamal medium
Lead fish: Barbel 60 cm
Height difference: about 1,5 m
Attraction flow rate: 125 l/s
Water saving: 145 l/s compared to slot pass
Assessment: fully functional according to Austrian regulations and German standards
Implementation: Mid 2019

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