The true-to-scale research facility of the Fishcon lock was comprehensively examined by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna in 2017.


The aim of the research project was to determine the application potential of the new technology through theoretical, technical and fish-ecological studies and to be able to derive optimisation potentials.

In the course of the technical investigation, several measurements and tests were carried out on the research facility. In tests with leaves, grass and wood, it was found that the fine screens clean themselves automatically as a result of the changing flow.
In the fish ecological studies, the fish ascent and descent were analysed at the experimental facility using brown trout. Different test conditions were implemented (throttle and turbine with flow rates from 50 l / s to 120 l/s). It could be demonstrated, for example, that the fish can pass the lock in both directions without injury under all test conditions and that the turbine has no negative impact on fish migration.

Numbers & Facts

Fish region: Epirhithral
Lead fish: Brown trout 40 cm
Height difference: about 2,5 m
Attraction flow rate: 50 to 120 l/s
Operation with throttle and turbine
Project shows great potential

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