The Fishcon lock was installed together with our partner company KFD at the Schwarzmühl weir in Upper Austria. The Schwarzmühl weir with a height difference of approx. 3.8 m is located in the river Alm, making it the second Fishcon lock in this body of water. 


The implementation takes place in the course of the construction of a 60-kW residual flow hydropower plant at the site. This not only ensures continuity in both directions, but also ensures that all river sections of the Schwarz hydropower plant are supplied with sufficient water. 

The location at the Alm is also used to test various optimizations and new developments at the Fishcon lock and in the area of hydropower use. 

Functional monitoring is to be started at the site in autumn 2023.

Numbers & Facts

Fish region: Trout region
Lead fish: Brown trout 50 cm
Height difference: 3.8 m
Attraction flow: 100 l/s
Assessment: Fully functional according to Austrian regulations
Implementation: End of 2022 / beginning of 2023

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