The Fishcon lock at the river Mattig near Burgkirchen overcomes a height difference of 4.5 m and is designed for a hucho with a length of 80 cm.


Due to the very limited space on the bank side with the main flow, it was decided to install the fish lock orographically to the right of the power house above the existing bottom outlet. The Fishcon lock has been in operation since the beginning of 2023 and can be operated with water volumes adapted to the migration time. 

A video camera installed in the upstream area has already been able to document the first fish migrations of different species in both directions. Official function monitoring is expected to start in autumn 2023.

Numbers & Facts

Fish region: grayling region
Lead fish: hucho 80cm
Height difference: 4.5 m
Attraction flow: 150 up to 200 l/s
Assessment: planned start autumn 2023
Implementation: end of 2022 / beginning of 2023

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